Keeping Things Running Smoothly: Supplements That Can Help With Digestion

digestive supplements

Constipation, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, reflux, and heartburn are some of the common digestive issues people complain about all over the globe. The American Gastroenterological Association found that almost seventy million United States citizens are suffering from chronic digestive distress.

That’s a lot, right? Don’t worry, though. If your digestive system needs a bit of a helping hand, then you’re right where you need to be. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the best digestive supplements currently available on the market. Use these to help you say good riddance to stomach problems once and for all.

Probiotic Digestive Supplements

Probiotic bacteria are that ‘friendly’ micro-organisms that are found in the intestines and help in normal digestion. There are several different types of probiotic bacteria strains and each of them has its own different role designed to keep the body healthy.

One of the most beneficial things about this bacteria is that not only does it help you digest the foods you ingest but it also helps absorb the nutrients found within them.

Look for top-quality supplement products that contain a wide variety of probiotic bacteria strains. Also, get the ones that have high colony-forming unit (CFUs) counts as well. The top three strains for digestive system support include B. iridium, L.acidophilus, and L.plantarum.

A product we’d advise you try out is Swansons Probiotics ProLacto Acidophilus. Each capsule provides the user with 4-billion CFU, perfect for battling most digestive complications. This premier supplement comes in vegetarian capsules and delivers its probiotic components safely to your lower intestinal tracts.

Digestive Enzymes

Yes, our body produces its own natural digestive enzymes that help it break down food more efficiently, however, these enzymes are sometimes not cut out to handle the tasks at hand. It might be because you’re just not producing enough enzymes, or that you’re eating too much protein and fat and the enzymes you’re producing can’t cope, or they’ve been diluted.

Taking digestive enzyme supplements could help bring about that much-needed boost that your digestive system needs.

A lot of the digestive enzyme formulas you’ll find out there will have a mixture of several different enzymes that would normally be produced by the body; such as amylase (for breaking down carbs), lipase (for breaking down fats), and peptidases and proteases (for breaking down proteins). These enzymes are usually extracted from natural sources, the likes of vegetables, fruits and amino acids.

Nature’s Way is a world-renowned brand that’s known to produce very effective digestive enzyme supplements. Nature’s Way Gluten Defense is arguably one of the best in the business when it comes to solving digestive complications. It’s vegetarian-based and helps digest both wheat and dairy extremely well.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is well-recognized around the world for its cooling features and how they’re able to relive the horrible effects of indigestion. It is often used to both treat and prevent the symptoms of common digestive ailments such as gas and bloating.

Research has shown that this component has the ability to ease stomach discomfort by relaxing the tissues found in your gastrointestinal system. Basically, that’s how it works its magic. Furthermore, it also helps prevent smooth muscle spasms and reduces spasms themselves, which, in turn, can help reduce cramps as well.

Peppermint oil supplements should be taken before meals on an empty stomach, but you can drink peppermint tea any time you need help soothing your stomach.

Heather’s Tummy Care is a very good example of a superb peppermint oil supplement. Not only does it also contain ginger, another helpful component when it comes to digestion, but it also reaches the stomach safely because of the enteric-coated capsule feature.


Papaya, a tropical fruit, has an active constituent known as papain. This component is a sulfhydryl-protease that the body needs for protein break down. Interestingly enough, this is also why some people use papain to tenderize their meat.

Papain’s proteolytic enzymes help break down the proteins you ingest into smaller components known as amino acids and peptides. One study, in particular, showed how papaya can help improve both bloating and constipation in people battling chronic gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Even though it is possible to get what you need through eating the tropical fruit directly, concentrated supplements will provide you with a much more effective relief as compared to going all-natural. You can use papain-based capsules to supplement other digestive supplements as well.

Doctor’s Best is known for producing high-quality proteolytic enzyme formulas that have papain as one of their main ingredients, alongside eight other helpful enzymes, some of which include bromelain and serrapeptase.

L- Glutamine

If your gut lining happens to be battling Lead Gut Syndrome, Candida or any other food-related ailments, then L-glutamine is what you should be considering to help relieve you from the effects of these complications.

This amino acid is exceptionally good at solving digestive problems, particularly inflammatory bowel diseases and irritable bowel syndrome. This component plays a vital role when it comes to the repair of gut lining cells. In fact, it’s the amino acid you’ll find most in the blood of a human and it’s there to help maintain the strength of the body’s gut mucosa.

L-glutamine often comes in powder form and is usually mixed with other digestive supplements. With that said, if you looking for this type of supplement, then Jarrow Formulas is your best bet. This non-genetically modified dietary supplement is suitable for vegetarians and helps support immune and muscle tissue functions.

The Gift of Better Health

Even though digestive complications happen to be an extremely common phenomenon, that doesn’t mean they must be a normal occurrence for you as well. While all the digestive supplements we’ve highlighted above can help your digestive system in their own unique ways, some of them work way better when they’re taken together.

Hopefully, now you can put an end to those digestive ailments you’ve been battling. If you’re still looking for the right supplements for you, contact us today for more information on how we can help.